Italian Outdoor Advertising

Advertising on italian Billboards – Transit and Street Furniture Advertising

Publicity on posters, maxi posters, Diapason, special plants all positioned in the most strategic cities areas – following the results of an in-depth geo-marketing survey – ensure visibility and prestige along all pedestrian and driving flows in both urban and suburban areas. Our billboard plants cover the busiest sections of road and stand out for quality and positioning. Thanks to a careful budget management, MCS Dinamica is able to plan effectively any type of campaign: from  small local business to the best known international brands. Urban Decor includes bright canopies, mupi, Telecom telephone boxes and bus stops. Effective means and supports located in the heart of the large arteries of communication, from the suburban areas to the historical centres. Famous architects design and plan the devices and plants onto which advertising is conveyed, to present the city with new services and to enhance the outlook of the territory. Listed below a few examples of urban decor in Milan. Boost your business in Italy with us.

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