Advertising in Italian Underground Stations

Advertising in subways is the most effective way to establish a certain brand, to launch new products and services, or even to conquer new ratings in the market share. Approximately one million people move daily in the Milan underground. To use this kind of medium – a subway train that calls in more than 86 stations for more than 18 hours per day – ensures great exposure and strong, widespread presence. Subways in Milan, Brescia, Turin, Rome, Naples, represent a thick underground network connecting the most important stations in the largest Italian cities. Fixed and mobile plants in waiting and transit areas, LCD screens positioned where there is a great flow of passers-by guarantee good visibility of high quality promotional videos.This is a kind of communication which offers both great visual and emotional impact, and represents the travel companion for thousands of commuters as well as an effective shop window for your own brand.Inside these very crowded areas, advertising becomes really valuable and effective; we install permanent signs, large posters for special advertising, devices (called mupi) that rotate the slogan every 15 or 30 seconds, flying billboards fixed above the windows inside each wagon.

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