Advertising on Italian buses

Partially or entirely decorated buses accompany streams of population that moves daily within the metropolis. Colourful images, created in order to enhance the appearance of the territory create positive feelings, making advertisement messages match with pleasant moments of the day. The bus is a flexible, prestigious medium which can be exploited both by clients and media agencies operating locally or within province districts up to a wider national scale. MCS Dinamica can advice its customers even when it comes to decide the format that best suits the needs of visibility: posters, decorations, window stickers etc . Advertising on buses is a real tool for modern communication and it is recommended to all companies. Dynamic communication does not go unnoticed! It attracts the attention of those constantly on the move. Its costs are accessible for all enterprises, and campaigns can be spread both within large and smaller cities. MCS provides its customers throughout the year with detailed information about the latest trends in communication and every new development in the world of dynamic communication and out-doors advertising posters.

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