Malpensa T1 e T2, Linate, Orio al Serio, Torino and Genova

MCS studies the best strategies to communicate at the airport, selecting the most suitable positions to reach your target. Prestigious images in large format at the busiest areas of the airport to come in contact with an elite target that moves for business and leisure time. Permanent signs, fortnightly billboards, circuits studied in specific areas aimed at a specific target.

Cartellonistica e Affissioni. Mcs studia le migliori strategie per comunicare in aeroporto, selezionando le posizioni più idonee per il raggiungimento del vostro target. Immagini prestigiose di grande formato lungo i flussi delle aree aeroportuali che entrano in contatto con un target di élite che si sposta per motivi di business e di tempo libero. Cartelli permanenti, affissioni quindicinali, circuiti studiati in aree specifiche mirate ad un determinato target.

Video Lcd installations – videos in high resolution. High quality LCD video systems, positioned in strategic areas that get the attention of passengers, with dynamism of movies and a strong emotional impact. The very high resolution brings out all the details of the images making them unique. Circuits present in all areas of large transit, check-in, departures, arrivals and eat and shop areas.

Aeropoint – Exhibition Areas – Corner for the promotion of services and products – Hostess. The use of exhibition areas inside the airports has great impact on people, with very visible protected areas where we can display cars, motorcycles, windows for products and services. Branded corners with hostess and stewards dressed in theme.

SamplingIl Sampling consente il contatto diretto con il pubblico di tutte le aree aeroportuali, utile per distribuzione di materiale informativo e merchandising. Per il servizio viene impiegato personale autorizzato con esperienza nella gestione burocratica dei permessi per transitare nelle aree aeroportuali. La distribuzione può avvenire associando il servizio a delle strutture espositive personalizzate.

Periodo minimo 5 giorni.

The Milan-Malpensa airport is the main airport in north of Italy and the second largest airport in Italy for passenger numbers (over 19 million), of which 17 million in international routes. It consists of two Terminals: Terminal 1, open to air traffic in 1998, used for domestic, international, intercontinental and charter flights; Terminal 2 dedicated to low-cost traffic. Malpensa Airport has quickly conquered the summit of the best international airports, guaranteeing quality services and new technologies. Malpensa connects the most important European cities and is constantly expanding every year to new major air terminals worldwide. Bergamo Airport – Orio al Serio, also known as Milan Airport – Orio al Serio and with the commercial name “Il Caravaggio International Airport”, is the first in Italy for the number of passengers of “low cost” flights over 11 million , and it is in second place for quality services and in the top ten of the best low cost airports worldwide. 

The Milan-Linate Airport, named after Enrico Forlanini, is the third largest airport in Lombardy for a passenger volume of over 9.5 million. It welcomes national and short-haul European traffic. Also from this airport take off several low cost airlines. Turin Airport dedicated to “Sandro Pertini” the seventh president of the Italian Republic, in charge from 1978 to 1985, is equipped with a modern infrastructure, not congested, renewed during the Turin Winter Olympics 2006, able to offer comfort and security to over 5 million passengers. Torino Caselle is the Piedmont Airport, serving one of the most important areas of Europe in terms of population, resources and added value. Consolidated Italian and foreign companies that trade all over the world are based in Turin and Piedmont.

One of the main activities of Mcs is advertising in airports in Italy and abroad. Millions of affluences that transit in a limited area creating a very high concentration index, thus making communication campaigns very effective. Special systems, luminous signs, rotors, maxi sheets, maxi posters, promopoints and direct marketing are the best solutions to communicate. The cost of advertising at the airport is related to the contact generated by the large flows of passengers and escorts. The target of Italian airports in recent years has become increasingly heterogeneous made up of over 164 million passengers, without taking into account the millions of escorts. Regular visitors are opinion leaders, managers and entrepreneurs, a target that is very receptive to the communication. 

Mcs depending on your target we help you to select the right locations and consequently the best facilities dedicated to your advertising at the airport. It is possible to promote product campaigns, new services, study a communication dedicated to the brand or direct marketing.

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