MCS Dinamica > Non categorizzato > Looking to boost your business in Italy?

Looking to boost your business in Italy?

MCS Dinamica > Non categorizzato > Looking to boost your business in Italy?

Invest in advertising with MCS Ltd.

1 – WHY? A solid choice.
For a foreign company in Italy it’s important to have a reliable partner to lean on to think and plan advertising campaigns with high visual impact in total safety. Only by this way it’s possible to carry forward your brand at nationally, regional and local levels.

2 – WHO? Martini Communication Strategy : a name, a mission.
For years dealing in marketing and communication strategies, MCS Ltd provides the best plans, thanks to the knowledge of the areas and the flows of people and their movements during the day. In this way we are able to choose the most suitable media to give you the best effective communication.

3 – WHAT? Our services at your service.
Our services are innovative and impactful to communicate with people throughout the day, inserted in the context of large automotive and pedestrian flows such as buses, trams, posters and stop shelters in cities and provinces, or the Milan metro and the international airports as Milano Malpensa T1, T2, Linate and Orio al Serio.

4 – WHEN? The right time to invest.
The right answer is “whenever you must say something”!
To strengthen your brand identity, to increase brand awareness, to communicate an event, a launch of new product or a particular promotion and, obviously, to improve brand visibility.

5 – WHERE? Anywhere with you.
We’re planning dynamic campaigns focusing on the main daily people flows and the most important areas for your target.

In addition of these services, MCS Ltd manages the communication in the major italian airports as Milano Malpensa T1, T2, Milano Linate, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Torino Caselle e Genova Cristoforo Colombo. In the check-in and waiting areas, as well at the baggage claim, thousands of Italians and foreigners passengers – ready to shop around – are well sensitive to advertising messages. An integrated communication between the billboards in airports and on buses is actually the best way to invest the adv media budget.