MCS consists of a staff of competent professionals able to select the most effective medium on which to convey communication and make it visible throughout the entire Italian territory. To know the area and the habits of the population and also to identify the right targets means to open a channel of communication between companies and their clients, with the purpose to increase the prestige of the advertised brand itself and, therefore, its consumption. The quality of the plants, their positioning and the frequency of visibility are critical. For these reasons, MCS has selected the following media for outdoor communication:

Advertising Airport in Italy. Airport Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio, Torino, Roma


Advertising on buses in Italy


Milan advertising underground Pubblicità Metro Milano


Advertising Street forniture - Pubblicità Pensiline autobus Milano Bergamo Pavia Lecco

Street Forniture

Advertising Billboard - Poster - Affissioni


Digital Video Advertising

Digital Video






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